Benefits To You

Benefits To You – The benefits to you by working with us are less stress and hassle free.  We share with you what you need to know to help you make a decision on moving forward with us.

We have been in the Investment Real Estate & finance business for over 25 years.  We offer solutions to difficult work outs that you would not normally have.  We even offer solutions to difficult work outs that Realtors don’t think of or can not do.  Bottom line you may have hardships that you need solutions to.  We can offer you solutions!

We can guide you.  We do not offer professional legal advice.  That is for you to seek with legal counsel on your own.  You should obtain legal advice for any legal issues with your own Attorney or CPA.  If you do contact them we would be willing to talk to them if needed.

We offer a stress free way to sell.  Selling by Owner can be full of problems of its own.  You would not have to advertise or have strangers come to your home.  Realtors that “want a listing” sometimes raise the listing price to get the homeowner excited.

Our experience maybe your solution.  We will analyze and either offer to purchase your home, provide financing if underwater and you want to keep your home or provide you a cash offer to help you sell now.  If you need to sell quickly, whether threatened with foreclosure, you are unable to make payments, or for any reason, we have solutions.  To avoid the high cost of your time, hassles of trying to sell yourself, maybe a dead short sale or loan modification failure consider contacting us.

Remember, we are specialists in helping individuals and homeowners out of their difficult situations and rescuing homes.  Even if you don’t have a hardship and just want to sell consider contacting us.

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