FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I get different solutions to my problem?

A.  Yes.  We believe you should be well informed with as much information as possible for you to make an informed decision.

Q. What if my home is listed with a Realtor?

A. We still are able to work with you on your home!  Actually we primarily work with Realtors as they have a large network that we all can be a part of to benefit many.

Q. I’m trying to Short Sale – can you help?

A. Yes.  We will analyze the transaction and offer you a solution.  We work very heavily with Realtors and work on Short Sales to help homeowners out of distressed situations.

Q. Currently I have a property in foreclosure can you save it?

A. Yes!  We save properties out of foreclosure.  Depending on the time frame of how long before it goes to sale is when it can be rescued.  The closer to the sale date the tougher it is to rescue.  With our team we do our best to save your home utilizing our network of professionals.

Q. You will take care of everything for me?

A. Yes.  We are able to work with you and your lender, title co., and other parties involved with your home.  If a Realtor is not involved we will usually move forward to work with one for our part to help in the process.  You may need to be available to further help before everything is completed.

Q. How long will it take for me to get rid of my home or how long do I have to get out?

A. If you help with all paper work, and all parties fall in line you can be out in as little as one week.

Q. Is there anything else I need to do?

A. Depending on your situation sometimes we will offer options for you. Sometimes we pay all cash.  In that case you sign and may go ASAP.  Sometimes on a Jumbo loan we do a work out with the lender and you would need to meet a time line.  Remember you may need to work with us on some paperwork to help the transaction which ultimately benefits you.

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