Luxury Home Buyers Gold Team

Admin Assistant – Jan


Jan as the Admin Assistant coordinates all activities and delegates to the proper channels.  She brings her talents and expertise by overseeing associates’ working with customer-client relations.  She also helps in processing needed never ending paperwork making things run just a little smoother. She helps all parties bring their part to fruition.  Jan has been employed as an administrative assistant for a local college for 28 years.  Jan enjoys cooking, cake decorating and housing international professors and students from the local college.  Jan is a pleasure to be around always bringing her joy and a smile to someone.  We call her “joyful jan”.

Media Marketing & Customer-Clients – Sarah

Sarah (3)

Sarah is our process person for media marketing for the companies. Sarah helps coordinate media markets, messages and helps process transactions.  She also is an assistant for customer-client service making sure customer-client needs are met.  Sarah makes sure all parties have correct paperwork for their respective part in a transaction whether clients of finance or with buyers or sellers.  Sarah comes to us from Uganda and has earned her business degree as well as working on her degree for nursing.  Sarah’s talent provides good structure to our organization.  Sarah is always ready to spread her jovial attitude and laughs while bringing joy to her surroundings.

Real Estate Inspection & Rehab Specialist – Rich (Dick)

RichKinas (1)

Rich is our hands on specialist working in our acquisition and purchase program department.  He provides Real Estate Inspections of each property before acquisition.  He ascertains the condition and costs associated for M & R (Material & Repair).  He unitizes his talents with inspections, codes updates, managing the rehab projects and prepares for re-sale to the new Buyers.  Rich has had thorough expertise in all phases of construction in Residential and Commercial development, building and remodeling of 35 years including the last 15 years in rehab and remodeling. Rich has been married to his wife for more than 50 years.

Sales Associate & Design Review – Kim

Kim 1-2

Kim handles day to day associations with customer-clients on Real Estate finance and on the acquisition side with Sellers and Buyers.  Her talents are necessary and helpful in having owners understanding the process on the finance side and making transitions with properties on the acquisition side.  Kim is very talented and relational to help with moving transactions along with people and properties.  Kim utilizes her talents on the acquisition-purchase of properties by providing the rehab specialists with interior and exterior designs.  She also excels at working with people networks.  She executes at lighting speed to move the processes along to completion.  Kim has been a flight attendant, Real Estate agent. Get out of her way! Kim can make things happen when people are involved.   Kim is married, has a daughter, and enjoys car racing with her husband on weekends.

Sales Associate & Design Review & Rehab Specialist – Suzanne


Suzanne is our market maker for the US.  She was entrepreneurial with her skills long before she joined us.  Suzanne as a youth developed her talents and abilities to see value in properties.  She would stomp around in rental properties with her dad clearing and cleaning them out and working to fix them so new tenants could move in.  This is where she learned the skills of Real Estate investment.  She owned a solon studio and has successfully invested in Real Estate for herself.  Suzanne also received a license for insurance sales.  Suzanne utilizes her talents with sharp presentation skills with clients and people.  She is married and has 5 children.

Geo Research & Economic Analyst – Jonathan

JohnUnderhill (1)Fall11

Jonathan is currently an appraiser and utilizes his talents providing value based market appraisals for the company.  He is thorough on analysis looking at all spectrums of the market.  Jonathan is well respected by his peers and in the field.  He is a gifted teacher in International and Biblical studies.  Jonathan was raised in Africa by missionary parents.  He has been married for more than 10 years and enjoys spending time with his two children.

Sales Associate – & Rehab Specialist – Denise


Denise is our sales associate for the Northern Ohio area.  Denise has been investing in Real Estate with her husband for 15 years.  She is an entrepreneur at heart and helps with her husbands business also.  Denise has a unique talent to walk through an existing property and evaluate what needs to be done for making remarkable improvements.  Besides working in the health care industry for 20 years, helping her husband in his business, running a successful Real Estate rental business, she helps raise their 3 children.

Principal & Senior Managing Partner – glenne

gGrayWall (9)ProfPicFall

glenne provides the vision and mission for the company.  He utilizes his talents providing leadership in key areas within GCC and our associate companies.  He also provides the lead in marketing and sales.  He started investing over 25 years ago.  His experience over the years in Real Estate investing included buying his first single family home in 1987.  By 1993 he began financing Real Estate buying, selling and utilizing privately held mortgage securities.  In the Mid 1990’s he traveled doing speaking presentations for civic orgs and businesses.  As a leading entrepreneur in his field he still would always give back on his heart and passion to spend time serving and helping in providing for non-profit Kingdom work.  He has associations with many different organizations with Charity and non-profits.

Rehab Specialist –Big Bob


Big Bob runs his own landscaping and lawn care business.  He is known for his top performance work and professionalism.  Customers like his easy going way and find him a pleasure to work with.  Big Bob in and out of season buys, rehabs and resales Green Eco-energy efficient homes for us.  He has a unique talent he brings to the market on helping make a property fit perfect for his customer and new home buyer.  We have a special relationship with Big Bob since he is also skilled in not just the property business but has a knack for being able to fix anything.  Big Bob is married to his high school sweetheart and has 2 children.

All our team members are independent associates providing services in the marketplace.