Mortgage High Can’t Sell

Mortgage High Can’t Sell - Is your home underwater?  An UNDERWATER or upside-down home is where the mortgage amount is higher than the value of the home.  Have you been struggling to sell your Home?  We purchase homes and offer different solutions for you.  Do you want to keep your home and create positive equity?  We have solutions whatever situation you are in!

How do I get rid of my home?  You have a couple options.  1. Walk away.  We do not suggest this in any way.  Not only will you experience damage to your credit for years.  There are consequences.  See “Stop Foreclosure”.  Many times we will purchase your home and work with the bank/lender to restructure your debt to either retain the house in our portfolio or prepare the house for re-sale.

Can I keep my home?  It depends.  Are you underwater with a JUMBO loan?  Our affiliate company may purchase your jumbo loan and help you with a new loan.  This option helps you create positive equity and does not damage your credit.  You may then choose to stay in your home or position yourself to sell your home and/or list with a Realtor.

Remember, we are specialists in helping individuals and homeowners out of their difficult situations and rescuing homes.  We offer you solutions!

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