Private Lender–Investor

Are you tired of earning paltry returns on your saving accounts, Bank CD’s, 401k, IRA, and a volatile stock market?

Have you considered that your investments are not keeping up with inflation and wondering how you’re going to retire?

Are you interested in earning 4-5x on your investments backed by Real Estate?  Do you want passive investment income that will help you outperform traditional investments?  We have solutions for you.

Ever heard of Private Lending-Investments?  We invest in Real Estate for short or longer term.  You would become a PLI – Private lender-investor.

Q. Why do most people never lend-invest in Real Estate?

A.  We believe it is basically fear.  So many people just can’t seem to make the step.  Real Estate is the most tangible asset you can lend-invest on with a hands off passive income for you.

Q. Does my lending-investment start with the moment a property is purchased?

A. Yes.  Your investment monies are placed in escrow and depending on the type of deal, sometimes stays in escrow, or funds the transaction and you wait while the property is being marketed, repaired and prepared for resale.  We buy only luxury homes and commercial property.  These property types provide a bigger spread for resale.

Q. How do I know if a lending-investment in the property will continue to provide me a return?

There are two ways to invest.  Short term or longer term.

Q. What’s short term?

A.  Short term is usually 6-12 mo and out.

1.  We purchase REO from asset managers at banks.  We usually purchase these properties or notes at 55%-65% on the dollar.  Then we market to re-sale utilizing all our networking professionals.

2.  We may work with homeowners who are underwater and help them with financing and staying in their homes.  This is usually a 1-3 month transaction but can be up to 12 mo.

3.  We do short sales working with Broker-Realtors and purchase all kinds distressed types of properties.  These types are mostly fix and flips.

Q. What’s long term?

A.  Long term is usually 12-120 mo. We purchase property makes a great deal for rental.  These are usually 3-7-10 yrs and out as we watch how the market is moving.  By the way the market is always changing.  1. We will only purchase luxury-executive homes that professionals want to lease-rent.  The property is managed for a fee by a professional management company that we oversee to make sure your investment is sound and continues to bring you a passive income.  We macro-manage and handle all issues.  2. We also purchase property that is tied up in litigation from bankruptcy courts.  These can take up to 36 mo. to acquire and then rent or sell.

Q. Am I able to lend-invest in more than one property?

A. Yes.  Since we are overseeing everything we are constantly making offerings on new investments and encourage you to participate in more investments.  Although, we together will look at your situation and experience and make sure you are not premature and that you can afford to move forward.  Sometimes your best option is to wait till a transaction completes before moving to the next.  Bottom line you have to know your own comfort level.

Q. What is the process of lending-investing on an asset?

A. We always suggest you do your own research.  We encourage you to also do your own due diligence.  You then make a decision on your investment.  A well informed person can make better sound decisions.  The documents are prepared at a title company and you may review them at any time.  You may provide your cash funds directly to the Title Company to be placed in escrow and distributed according to the acquisition and re-sale terms.

Q. What is my downside?

A.  There is always risk in any investment you make at anytime.  The best part about Real Estate is its fixed asset value.  You may end up taking over the property and selling it to recoup your investment if we should lose our minds.  You will have collateral backed by the Real Estate asset.  After 25 yrs and making our own mistakes we want you to feel comfortable working with us to ensure your confidence.  Bottom line, to get ahead we all need to step out.

Q. So, you are going to stay with me through the process of the lending-investment?

A. Yes.  We are not about to drop the ball after being in business for 25 years as a Real Estate investment company.

Q. Why not just go to the banks for your capital?

A. Today lending is tied up in many weighted down banking rules and regulations.  When opportunities come we can execute much faster as we work together.  You provide your cash investment and we invest and manage the asset for a return.

Q. How involved do I really have to be?  I’m busy running my business, work, and my own life.

A. We know you are busy with the talents and given to your from above.  That’s why being a PLI is a great way to continue on with your own life as you receive passive income.  We have our talents and gifts and our primary business is Real Estate and Finance for over 25 yrs.  Everyone does their part as part of a body of people doing different things.  We can’t all be doing the same things.  Although our mutual goal is financial independence as we want to do what the almighty has put on our hearts to move toward in life.  We like to work with people who have the same goals and build relationships with them.


Note. Most important we believe in leaving some equity for the new buyers on each property we re-sale back on the market.  Why?  Sell faster and the new buyer knows they are getting a great deal.  The Law of abundance means spreading it around to all parties including all professionals and it will come back in greater returns.

If you are interested in becoming a PLI private lender-investor and want to move forward building a relationship then please fill out our PLI Form and we will reply back to you.

PLI Form  *Note We will contact you to find out your skill and experience and if we have a match.  Thank you for inquiring.