Solutions – We believe you should have options and we offer you solutions!

Here are some solutions depending on your situation you may want to consider that may help you;

We can review your home and current loan.

We can make your payments.

We make up back payments and save your credit.

We may purchase your house and negotiate with your bank/lender on the current loan.

We renovate, repair, and prepare your home for sale.

We can purchase your house even if it is tenant occupied.

We may offer to finance your home ‘only if underwater’ so you can stay and have positive equity or position yourself to sell.  See our affiliate

Remember, we are specialists in helping individuals and homeowners out of their difficult situations, hardships and rescuing homes.

We can offer you solutions and be able to work with you if you help us by filling out the Property Info form.  Then we can better assist in helping you.

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