Stop Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure! – You are in a difficult situation!  People like you contact us after unsuccessfully trying to stop their foreclosure or after wrestling with their lender and find they are getting nowhere.

Things for you to consider if you allow the Bank/Lender to take your home through foreclosure are; 1. Damaging your credit for years  2. Potential bank deficiency judgment on the balance and difference the lender sells for at auction.  3. Potential IRS tax burden and consequences on the mortgage balance difference acting as a taxable gain – seek a tax professional.  4. Neighbors all knowing you lost your home instead of telling them you sold it.  5. Passes debt burdens on to generations to come.  6. Suffering your neighborhood as market values drop upon the lender gain and sells off your property at a deep discount.  You have to CARE!

You may have to act fast if you have been served foreclosure papers!  Your situation may even include a hardship including; job loss, medical reasons, or any out of control situation.  You need to act fast!

We are an Investment Co that specializes in distressed properties and rescue.  We are not a Realtor.  Realtors are good and have their part, but usually options with Realtors are limited.  After exhausting options with Realtors homeowners will come to us.  We have observed Realtors bent on ‘their’ listing with a Short Sale gone bad, can’t perform and leave the homeowner standing at the altar of an auction sale when the home could have been saved.  We can offer solutions to help you.

Remember, we are specialists in helping individuals and homeowners out of their difficult situations and rescuing homes.

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